About Me

So you want to know a little bit about the girl behind the blog? Well, you asked for it…

These fun—sometimes a little crazy—ideas come from a girl who always dreamed of being an event planner. Yes, I was that girl who repeatedly watched The Wedding Planner (I have officially dated myself) and wished that one day I would have THAT job. So I started hosting different events, volunteering in my community, and finding my niche in this small but booming industry. I was lucky enough to land a great internship in college that provided the tools I needed to start my career in this exciting field.

Now, I am happy to say that aside from being a meeting, trade-show, and event planner for a major corporation, I have started my own business: Event19. Oh, and this is on top of organizing events in my town!

So why add another thing to my already full plate? It's an obsession; I live, breathe, eat, and sleep event planning; I am eager to yap to anyone who is willing to listen… guess that means you :-)

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