Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pamper the Birthday Girl

Pamper your little girl this year by throwing her a spa inspired birthday party. 

At this full-service celebration, everyone is treated to having their hair, makeup and nails done any way they imagine. But Mom's we warn you - this might look like so much fun, you will be tempted to invite your friends over and join them!

Invitations: Each little girl receives a fun invitation like the sample below. Click to Purchase

Favors: Treat the girls to customized robes that they can use at the party and take home with them. We love these pink ruffled robes provided by Etsy. Click to Purchase

Spa Treatments: There are two ways you can do this. The first way is to bring in someone to do the girls hair, makeup and nails (one person for each station). The second is to rally your friends together to each take on a station.

A Sweet Ending: No party would be complete without something sweet at the end, like these homemade mask cookies.You can even make these masks ahead of time and let the girls decorate them on their own. Click Here for directions on how to make these.

We also love these adorable cupcakes. Click Here to purchase cake toppers like these. 

And last but not least: Make sure you take tons of pictures; before - during - and after!

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