Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kids Thanksgiving Table Ideas

One thing we always get asked is how can we make the "kids table" a little bit more fun and memorable. The last thing people want are bored kids. so here are some quick and simple ideas that you can incorporate into your Kids Thanksgiving Table this year. 

The first thing we suggest is to make the "kids table" a comfortable place for them to sit. It's been our experience that kids normally like to sit on the floor, so for the table you can use storage bins pushed together and for the chairs you can use pillows. Just make sure to cover the table and chairs (you can use t-shirts for the chairs to make it an easy clean up).

For the centerpiece, try to utilize some items from outside. One thing you can do is use regular branches from your yard and hot-glue brightly colored cut out leaves. 

For the placemats, give the kids something to color. There are tons of free downloadable images to pick from, but this is one of our favorites. Like the image? Click here to download.

After dinner have the kids (and the adults) work on making a "Giving Thanks Banner". Each person can fill out one (or more) leaves to declare what they are thankful for. Then once everyone is done, string together the leaves and hang them somewhere everyone can see and read them. Our favorite location is the archway between the kitchen and dinning room. Click here to download the full tutorial and leave patterns. 

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