Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Naughty or Nice?

We love planning "friends only" parties because it allows us to be as CRAZY as we want to be. So as we sat around thinking about what to do this year, we kept on coming back to the same question; do we tone it down a bit this year since we are getting wiser (but not older), or do we make this a year to remember. Um...why not do both and have a Naughty and Nice party. Don't know how to play both sides of the coin? Then read on.

Invitations  - You need to send your friends something so they know when to mark their calendar for your soirĂ©e; and while they are at it, they can mark who they thought was Naughty or Nice this year with this personalized card from eInvite.

Desserts - Let's be Nice and leave some cookies out. You can also buy chocolates or truffles that you can label "coal" (only for those Naughty boys and girls).

Drinks - Since this is a Naughty and Nice party, we will not be having milk with our cookies; instead, we will be serving up some sweet adult beverages. Candy Cane Cocktail anyone? 

Gifts - To make the party a little bit more exciting, have a greedy grab bag. Haven't heard of this? Basically each person brings a gift worth x amount (you decide on the amount), then each person takes a turn to pick a gift; they can choose either a wrapped gift or they can steal one that someone has already opened. 

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