Thursday, February 6, 2014

2014 Winter Olympic Torch Cupcakes

Today is opening day for the 2014 Winter Olympics so have some fun with the kiddies and make these Olympic Torch Cupcakes to mark this monumental day.

Read below for step-by-step directions on how to put this torch together, courtesy of Creative Party Ideas by Cheryl 

  1. Prepare the cake mix according to the package directions. Cool completely.
  2. Crumble the cake into a large bowl. Add 16 ounces of your choice of frosting and mix well.
  3. Gently spoon the cake mixture into a sugar cone. You don’t want it to break! Fill cone to the top, slightly mounded.
  4. Divide the vanilla frosting into two bowls. Dye half of the frosting red and half of the frosting yellow.
  5. Holding the sugar cone in one hand, place the icing tip in the middle of the cone, squeeze, and pull away. Keep it up until the top of the cone is covered with frosting.

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